March 2016


Back to where I had interned before.  IIT, IDC Mumbai.

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Khotachi Wadi, a heritage village in Girgaon. Coming back to the place after a year. No red cars or silent streets, things are going in the hands of business and commercialisation. Nevertheless, the existence of the buildings continue to fascinate us all. The house are built in old Portuguese style. “There used to be 65 of these houses, now reduced to 28 as old buildings are being pulled down to make way for new skyscrapers.” 

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Dinner in Fort. We were told that one of the waiters was quite skilled at clicking pictures.

Left for a trip to the Konkan Coast lines, Ratnagiri. During the festival of Holi. This has to be the quietest place I have been to in a while. The homestay had a dog named Lola, and a cat named Mani. Lola was great at swimming, quite an interesting partner to have at the beach.





A rather funny incident of missing the first half of the play, despite being at the venue minutes before the entry time. We failed to hear the bells ringing.


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